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Love for the cooking pot

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ài guō 爱锅

Pun on patriotism (àiguó 爱国).

While not always used sarcastically, "love for the cooking pot" connotes some irreverence for the Chinese party-state, such as in this Weibo comment on the Two Sessions:

Zhangyizhuo (@张乙拙): Players, whores, cheats, and creeps; the masters gather. / Fakes, officials, eunuchs, and zombies; they all say yes. —That's all. I heard the Stupid Sessions were starting and wrote a verse to show my ardent love for the cooking pot! (March 31, 2016)
戏子婊子骗子登徒子。子子相聚。伪人官人阉人僵尸人。人人举手。——没别的意思。听说二会召开。写幅对联表达一下爱锅热情! [Chinese]

See also patriotraitor.

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