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Mortgage slave

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房奴 (fáng nú): mortgage slave

A mortgage slave is someone who is a slave to their home mortgage (pays more than 40% of their disposable income on their home mortgage).

“房奴”意思为房屋的奴隶。“房奴”是指城镇居民抵押贷款购房,在生命黄金时期中的 20到30年,每年用占可支配收入的40%至50%甚至更高的比例偿还贷款本息,从而造成居民家庭生活的长期压力,影响正常消费。购房影响到自己教育支出、医药费支出和抚养老人等,使得家庭生活质量下降,甚至让人感到奴役般的压抑。

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