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No fucking use

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rán bìng luǎn 然并卵

"But that's actually no fucking use." (Source:

Short for "but that's actually no fucking use" (rán'ér bìng méiyǒu shénme luǎnyòng 然而并没有什么卵用); conveys something's uselessness or a situation's hopelessness. Catchphrase from the comedy show Baozou Big News (Bàozǒu Dà Shìjiàn 暴走大事件).

"Can't do shit" was popularized in the summer of 2015 on the sketch comedy show Baozou Big News. In a mock interview, the character Zhang Quandan (张全蛋), a quality inspector at Foxconn, talks about the many functions of the cell phones being manufactured:

It has so, so many functions

Like it can remotely control your home's air conditioning
And also it can help you get on your neighbor's wifi
And then remotely control your neighbor's air conditioning
And also it can help you hack into your local server
And remotely control the air conditioning on an entire block

But that's actually no fucking use



然而并没有什么卵用 [Chinese]

"No fucking use" caught on as a way to express exasperation. While the saying has no political connotation per se, commentators have made good use of it, as Tang Yinghong did in his reflection on the $31 million wedding of mainland actor Huang Xiaoming and Hong Kong model Angelababy (Angela Yeung):

Even if Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy's extravagant wedding becomes a target, it's no fucking use for the powerful clique's concerted effort at winning the ideological battle.