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No shortage of money

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不差钱 (bú chà qián): no shortage of money

This is the name of a famous skit performed by Zhao Benshan, Bi Fujian, Xiao Shenyang and Maomao and broadcast by CCTV during their annual Chinese New Year program in 2009. In the skit, Zhao Benshan portrays a poor farmer who enters an expensive Scottish restaurant and claims that he “has no shortage of money.” In order to impress Zhao’s guest, Bi Fujian, Zhao colludes with the gay waiter to prevent Bi from ordering any expensive dishes.

The phrase “no shortage of money” is a sarcastic phrase, meaning you don not actually have much money. In addition, when government officials pledge to take care of a problem by spending money, netizens have pointed out that some say they have “no shortage of money,” when in reality, they have no intention of providing any real solutions that would benefit the ordinary people.

Cartoon of the famous skit. The name of the gay waiter, Xiao Shenyang, was also a hot internet term.
Government purchase: 29,570 RMB. “Can they only buy the expensive kind?”