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Online pursuit

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shàngwǎng zhuītáo | 上网追逃

Public Security Bureau (PSB) process to detain those it considers to be fugitives, apparently by registering the suspect into the national PSB database.[1] On February 21, 2021, police in Chongqing announced that they were engaged in “online pursuit” of a 19-year-old living outside of China after he "slandered and denigrated the heroic officers and soldiers protecting our borders"[2] on Weibo. The young man, Wang Jingyu, had commented on the revelation that four Chinese troops had been killed in a bloody brawl in the Galwan Valley that left 20 Indian soldiers dead in June 2020.

"I think online pursuit refers only to inside China," Wang told Radio Free Asia. "As for criminal detention, right now I'm really free, and I want for nothing. I don't know what this notice means."

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