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àiguózéi 爱国贼

"Dumbass! You can't go out looting wearing that!" "Then what should I wear?" (Artist: Murong'aoao 慕容嗷嗷)

Person who use patriotism as an excuse for bad behavior; play on "traitor" (màiguózéi 卖国贼) and "patriotic" (àiguó 爱国).

Patriotraitors say and do things that actually damage China's reputation. For instance, in September 2012 Japan's purchase of three of the Diaoyu (Senkaku) Islands set off protests in China. People looted Japanese stores and smashed Japanese cars, regardless of whether the owners of those stores and cars were actually Japanese. Patriotraitors flip the bird while wearing the Chinese flag and circumvent the Great Firewall in order to troll Taiwanese websites.

Tuobeidemingtian (@驼背的明天): Maybe the ones waving the flag are patriotraitors, while the ones who criticize the country truly love it. (February 20, 2016)

拿着国旗也许是爱国贼 批判这个国家也许是真爱 [Chinese]

See also shit youth.

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