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Power whore

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电婊 (diàn biǎo): Power Whore

"Cartoon of Li Xiaolin." (Source: Badiucao)"

Nickname for Li Xiaolin, daughter of former Premier Li Peng.

Ms. Li followed her father's footsteps to study power generation and is now serving as the CEO of China Power International Development Ltd., a Hong Kong-listed arm of China's state-owned power monopoly. She is also a deputy of National People's Congress and was on record attending the Congress in luxury-brand suit, jewelries and handbag. She was also on record claiming that her success should be attributed to her own efforts rather than family background. [Chinese


Zuoyeke (@王麒摄影师): Big Power Whore, lower the electricity price now! (July 4, 2014)

大电婊,快降价! [Chinese]

* * *

Zuoyeke (@作业课): It is not a real anti-corruption campaign without investigating into the Power Whore. (June 25, 2014)

不查电婊,不叫反腐。 [Chinese]