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Preventable and controllable

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kě fáng kě kòng 可防可控

Declaration made on January 10, 2020 by a prominent physician about the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. Wang Guangfa, a respiratory specialist who lead the response to SARS at Peking University First Hospital in 2003, was in Wuhan as a medical investigator when he told CCTV that the disease was "preventable and controllable." Dr. Wang fell ill with COVID-19 soon after; he recovered in late January. Netizens have thrown those fateful words back at officialdom, for example in response to the Pollyannaish 2020 Spring Festival Gala:

@梦***妄: My Liege, allow me to report to you that there is peace throughout the realm and happiness among all its people. A minor illness has emerged in one of the provinces, but it is preventable and controllable. Please, My Liege, sit down and enjoy the show, hear the generations sing of your triumphs. [Chinese]

See also bureaucravirus.