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转世 (zhuǎnshì): reincarnation

Cartoonist Kuang Biao has "reincarnated" on Weibo dozens of times. (Source: Weibo)

The creation of a new social media account after one's prior account has been deleted by the Internet company running the social media platform.

Netizens who post about sensitive issues may have their social media account deleted by the company running the platform, wiping out that user's posts and network. A user may then "reincarnate" on the same platform to continue speaking out. Their new username may be a combination of the old name and the word "reincarnation" to make the new account easier for previous followers to find. Political cartoonist Kuang Biao has reincarnated dozens of times on Weibo, and for several years has included his reincarnation count in each successive username. His latest incarnation as of May 10, 2015 is "Uncle Biao Fountain Pen Drawings 47," or Kuangshugangbihua47 (@飚叔钢笔画47).