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Rogue preceptor

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yěshēng guóshī | 野生国师


(1) Pundit who defends China with outrageous rhetoric, typically breaking with official argumentation. (2) Patriotic conspiracy theorist in the "chess party."

Rogue preceptors are academics and internet celebrities who shill for the party-state, such as Zhang Weiwei, an English interpreter for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the 1980s who now extols China's success in books and vlogs, considered by some to be "the Chinese equivalent of Tucker Carlson or Bill O'Reilly."


Literally "wild imperial preceptor," where "wild" (yěshēng) means "unofficial" or "non-standard," and "imperial preceptor" (guóshī) refers to a powerful advisory post to the emperor during the Yuan Dynasty.

Quotes from Notable Rogue Preceptors

  • Chen Ping: "Setting the benchmark for China's development as becoming a high-income country is a Western fallacy. They want China to be just like them, and China isn't. So this high-income advantage doesn't actually exist."[1]
  • Jin Canrong: "Aside from natural and man-made disasters, we must guard against another possibility—that hostile countries may attack us with meteorological weapons."[2]
  • Li Yi: "COVID-19 is the worst for Europe and the U.S., and the best for North Korea and China. Four thousand people died in China, right? But compared to 220,000 deaths in the U.S., 4,000 is basically no one! We've had almost zero infections and zero deaths."[3]
  • Zhang Weiwei: "This box lunch is definitely better than what the American middles class has."[4]
  • Zhao Chengye: "If the U.S. and China fought, China wouldn't have to drop a nuclear bomb on U.S. territory. If we made thousands of nukes the secondary harm would destroy the world, which would indirectly destroy America. The end result would be the destruction of humanity." [5]

  1. 把中国的发展目标定为进入高收入社会,是西方的一个陷阱,是希望中国像它一样,然后就不干活了,所以讲这个高收入的优势,不存在的。
  2. 除了天灾人祸之外,我们还需要警惕另外一种可能性,那就是——敌对国家气象武器的攻击。
  3. 新冠这个东西是最不利于欧美的,最有利于朝鲜和中国的,所以咱还死了4千人,是吧?但是你死4千人和美国死22万人比,你等于一个人都没死嘛!咱们等于差不多也是接近零感染,接近零死亡。
  4. 这个盒饭确实比美国中产阶级吃得好。
  5. 如果美国与中国抗衡,中国不必将核弹投放到美国本土,用数千枚核弹产生的次级伤害在毁灭世界的同时,便可间接的毁灭美国,最终的结果是全人类一起毁灭。