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Secretary Leung

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梁书记 (Liáng shūjì): Secretary Leung

This refers to Leung Chun-ying (梁振英), currently the Chief Executive and President of the Executive Council of Hong Kong.

The title "Secretary Leung" refers to speculation that Leung is a closeted member of the Chinese Communist Party. (See here, for example.) Unlike what the term conveys in English, a "secretary" in the Chinese Communist Party is a high position. For example, within a city, the person with the most political power is not the mayor but the secretary of the municipal communist party committee.

When Mr. Leung was elected, netizens posted a number of sarcastic remarks, such as:

"Congratulations, Secretary Leung. I hope you won't forget to pay your party fees!" (祝贺梁书记!希望梁书记,记得交党费!)

"Congratulations, Hong Kong, on officially joining the Celestial Empire. Secretary Leung will start rolling in the cash now." (恭贺香港正式加入天朝,梁书记财源滚滚)


Photoshopped version of Chinese propaganda poster with Leung's likeness reads, "We will certainly liberate Hong Kong"

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Caption written in the sentimental style of official government reporting reads, "Secretary Leung's glorious image of visiting the grassroots warms our hearts."