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Secretary Leung

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梁书记 (Liáng Shūjì): Secretary Leung

Photoshopped version of a propaganda poster with Leung's likeness reads, “We will certainly liberate Hong Kong.” (@hkgaby/Weibo)
Caption written in the style of official reporting reads, ”Secretary Leung's glorious image of visiting the grassroots warms our hearts.”

This refers to Leung Chun-ying (梁振英), who became the Chief Executive and President of the Executive Council of Hong Kong in 2012.

The title "Secretary Leung" refers to speculation that Leung is a closeted member of the Chinese Communist Party. In Chinese, the term “secretary” has political meaning, as it is a high position in the Chinese Communist Party. For example, the person with the most political power in a city is not the mayor, but the secretary of the Municipal Communist Party Committee.

When Mr. Leung was elected, netizens posted a number of sarcastic remarks, such as:

Congratulations, Secretary Leung. I hope you won't forget to pay your party fees!


Congratulations, Hong Kong, on officially joining the Celestial Empire. Secretary Leung will start rolling in the cash now.”


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