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Several women

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多名女性 (duō míng nǚxìng): several women

Zhang Ziyi (right) and other women suspected of having affairs with Bo Xilai. (Apple Daily)

In September 2012, the Chinese Communist Party expelled Bo Xilai, citing a number of misdeeds, including taking huge bribes, abusing his power during a murder investigation against his wife, and engaging in improper sexual relations with “several women.” The last accusation may be unseemly, but is not in violation of any law.

After this announcement, “several women” became an Internet meme and was often used in parodies of famous quotations and poems. It has also been cited as one of the markers of a fallen official:

How to Identify a corrupt official: (1) land transactions; (2) multiple properties; (3) family has emigrated; (4) several women; (5) offshore accounts; (6) belts and watches; (7) shocking incidents; (8) has offended the media; (9) shocking statements; (10) video clips and photographs; (11) netizen targets; (12) friend of businessmen to the bitter end; (13) bossy relatives. One of the above is enough to bring down an official, and the officials who have already fallen exemplify almost all of these at once. It’s clear that the road to eliminating corruption is a long one!


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