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蜗居族 (wō jū zú): snail dwelling tribe

After the greatly popular television drama “Snail-Dwellers” aired, "snail-dwelling tribe" quickly became a favorite phrase. The neologism became one of the hottest phrases on the internet because countless urban citizens have difficulty finding housing. The term woju, or snail-dwelling, can be a noun indicating a cramped residence; it can also be a verb meaning to live in cramped housing. “Snail-dwelling tribe,” then, indicates the group of people who live in cramped housing. Related terms include “ant tribe,” which indicates college graduates who are unable to find work, or who work for a low income, and live together in group housing in suburban areas. Another related term is mortgage slave.

Example of usage: Actually, at the end of the day, the snail-dwelling tribe is still better off than the ant-dwellers: at least they have small nests of their own.