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  • ...the tragedy also highlights the phenomenon of pleasure trips by the newly rich. Costa Crociere, owned by Carnival, has been operating in China since 2006, ...eek with passengers on the Atlantica, observing their interactions onboard and ashore from Athens to Barcelona. CDT has translated her recounting of the e
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  • ...he [ Soul-Rich list], of China’s most compassionate, compiled by China Social Sciences P ...asking my take on this. I only replied to two friends in the Beijing News and Southern Metropolis Daily; all the other things written in other media are
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  • * [[How Far Can I Go? And How Much Can I Do?]] by He Xiaoxin (August 15, 2015) * [[The True Story of the Miracle Survival of the Students and Teachers of Longhan Elementary School in Beichuan]] by Li Chengpeng (May 19
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  • [[File:poor2.jpg|300px|right|thumb|''A rich dad and his son squeeze the little guy off the bench of social resources. (Source: Sons and daughters of China's newly rich.
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  • ...late 1970’s, Weiwei’s work ranges from installation pieces to performance, and he is also the co-designer of the Olympic stadium, aka the [http://chinadig ...d reform, now we have entered 2008. People have reason to be more cautious and anxious: How long can this old broken vehicle continue before it disintegra
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  • 贫二代 (pín èr dài): poor second generation ...nd generation]],” while the children of those who did not prosper are the “poor second generation.”
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  • ...ast and including many high-profile cameos (including Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and Zhang Ziyi), the film met commercial success, taking in USD$62.5 million at ...ere are only four: the poor, the housing slave, the rich and the obscenely rich.</blockquote>
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  • <i>The following was posted by Karer on the Piaoyi blog (translated and internal links added by CDT):</i> that I asked him to show it to me. (I did this purely out of curiosity, and never intended to pry into his privacy.) His notes were his very simple exp
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  • ...bǎo le méi shì gān de wàiguórén'') [[foreigners who have eaten their fill and have nothing better to do]] *[[躲猫猫]] (''duǒ māo māo'') [[hide-and-seek]]
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  • growing disparity between the rich and poor] in a society with limited social mobility. ...eration]] cohort. In the past few years, there have been many incidents of rich second generation youths relying on their fathers’ wealth or power to avo
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  • ...outh League. Project Hope was organized to provide financial assistance to poor students. In 2002, there were allegations that some of project's funding wa ...t China spends on domestic education and health care compared to Hong Kong and the United States.
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