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Strange sorghum

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guài shǔshǔ 怪蜀黍

Notorious “strange uncle” Lin Jiaxiang.

Sounds the same as 怪叔叔 (guài shúshú) or “strange uncle,” Internet slang for “pedophile.” A strange uncle is a man who is sexually interested in young girls who are sometimes called LOLI (after the book Lolita). Another word for “strange uncle” is LOLICON or LOLI kòng LOLI控, Japanese for “one who has a Lolita complex.”

One of China's most notorious strange uncles is Lin Jiaxiang, a man who was ridiculed online after sexually harassing an eleven-year-old girl and then claiming he was beyond censure due to his status as a cadre. A security camera caught the entire affair, undoing his career.