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Sun Liping

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Sun Liping. (Source: Caixin/Dongfang IC)

Sun Liping is a prominent sociologist who has studied the rural poor, inequality, and the social transformations brought by the transition to a market economy. Sun argues that "social decay," such as rent-seeking by government officials, poses a far greater threat to the Chinese party-state than social instability.

Sun Liping was born in Liaoning Province in 1955. Sun was in the first cohort of students to attend university after the Cultural Revolution. He studied journalism at Peking University (PKU), then sociology at Nankai University. Sun taught at PKU from 1983 to 1999, then moved to Tsinghua University in 2000, where he is currently on faculty. Between 2009 and 2012, sources such as CDT, The Guardian, and the Telegraph, have stated that Sun was Xi Jinping's doctoral advisor PKU. However, in 2013, Sun explained in a blog post that he was not Xi's advisor, but rather was on the committee that reviewed all PhD dissertations, including Xi's.

Sun Liping at CDT

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