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See also [[it’s not rape if you wear a condom]].
See also [[it’s not rape if you wear a condom]].
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[[Category:Lexicon]][[Category:Society and Culture]]

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轮流发生性关系 (lúnliú fāshēng xìng guānxi): take turns having sex

An infamous member of the rich second generation, Li Tianyi was sentenced to ten years in prison for gang rape. (Sohu)

In February of 2013, 17-year-old Li Tianyi (李天一) was arrested for his alleged involvement in the gang rape of a bar hostess after a night of drinking with his friends. The son of famed PLA singer General Li Shuangjiang, the younger Li was already a prominent member of the rich second generation, having cultivated public disdain in 2011 after assaulting an elderly couple while illegally driving a BMW.

After the date for Li’s trial was set, state media reported that Li Tianyi and four others had “taken turns having sex” with a woman, leading to uncertainty that Li would face the charge of gang rape in court. The State Council Information Office promptly ordered the deletion of “reports related to the court case concerning Li Tianyi taking turns having sex” (查删李天一案轮流发生性关系的相关报道) from the Internet.

Later, after Li’s lawyers revealed that he would be pleading not guilty to rape in court because the victim was a bar hostess, netizens expressed outrage. Tsinghua professor professor Yi Yanyou (易延友) fanned the flames when he expressed sympathy for Li's position in a weibo: “...raping a chaste woman is more harmful than raping a bar girl, a dancing girl, a sanpeinu, or a prostitute” (强奸良家妇女比强奸陪酒女、陪舞女、三陪女、妓女危害性要大).

After pleading not guilty to the charge of gang rape at his trial in September, Li Tianyi was still found guilty and sentenced to ten years in prison. Netizens applauded the verdict, and the court case was heralded for delivering a legal precedent that could improve the situation for China’s of sex workers.

See also it’s not rape if you wear a condom.