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临时性抢劫: temporarily stealing
临时性抢劫: temporarily stealing
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临时性强奸 (lín shí xìng qiáng jiān): temporary rape

Paper reads, "temporary rape."

After popular outcry, the two were retried and both received eleven year sentences.This phrase comes from the case of two police officers (surnamed Cai and Qiu) in Nanxun, Zhejiang who raped a teenage girl when she was drunk and unconscious. Although rape in these circumstances (two people raping one woman (轮奸)) would usually be punished with at least ten years in prison, the officers were only given sentences of three years. The court’s explanation for the lenient sentence was that the crime was “temporary and done on a whim” (临时性的即意犯罪). While the word temporary “临时” can also mean “occurring just before something happens” (临到事情发生时) (probably referring to the fact that the rape was supposedly not premeditated), it more often carries the meaning which is closer to the English word “temporary.” This choice of wording and the light sentence drew the ire of netizens. For example, the Hudong Encyclopedia article on the phrase states:

You can search the web over and you will not find the phrase “temporary crime on a whim.” “Temporary” is an action taken that is informal and lasts for a short period of time. How can it be that rape can be informal as opposed to formal, or that it is divided based on duration? “Temporary crime on a whim” must be a new word, perhaps creatively fulfilling some unmet need of the judiciary. 搜遍了网络,也没找到“临时性的即意犯罪”的来源和条款依据。“临时”既是非正式的和短时间的行为,难道强奸犯罪还有“非正式”和时间的长短之分?这个“临时性的即意犯罪”应是个新名词,可以说为中国的司法界又填补了一项创造性的空白。

The two police officers are carrying a sign that reads, "temporary." The person on the right is saying, "Can I temporarily throw this brick at you?"

After this case became a hotly discussed subject on the internet (beginning in November, 2009), imitations of the phrase began to appear. For example:

临时性XX (lín shí xìng XX): XX on a whim

临时性打死人: temporarily beating someone to death

临时性被自杀: temporarily bei-suicided

临时性行贿受贿: temporarily bribe (someone)

临时性醉驾: temporarily driving drunk

临时性抢劫: temporarily stealing