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蒜你狠 (suàn nǐ hěn): vicious garlic


In Mandarin “vicious garlic” (蒜你狠 suàn nǐ hěn) is homophonic with “I guess you’re pretty cold-hearted” (算你狠 suàn nǐ hěn), which is also the title of a popular song by Jordan Chan.

The homophonic garlic version of the phrase became a popular Internet meme after people began complaining about rising garlic prices in 2009.

豆你玩 (dòu nǐ wán): play with beans


“Play with beans” (豆你玩 dòu nǐ wán) sounds like “I’m just teasing you” (逗你玩 dòu nǐ wán) which is also the name of a famous skit by Ma Sanli.

Like “vicious garlic” the phrase was used to complain and joke about rising food prices.

Other common phrases parodied to reflect rising prices are:

油他去: oil has gone (it is up to him to go) 姜你军: ginger is supreme (will be a champion) 苹什么: apple what? (according to what?) 鸽你肉: pigeon meat (cut off your flesh)