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Wall country in athletics

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体育墙国 (tǐ yù qiáng guó): a wall country in athletics

This sounds the same as "a strong country in athletics," or “a country with strong athletic prowess.” “Wall” sounds the same as “strong” in Chinese and refers to the Great Firewall of China. Netizens have questioned China’s expenditures on athletics which the government justifies by its goal to become a “country with strong athletic prowess.” Netizens joke that it is the existence of the Great Firewall of China that is driving Chinese citizens to new athletic heights: “When even 80 year old ladies are scaling the wall, a new era in the wall country’s athletics has dawned.” (当一个国家80多岁的老太太老头儿都在翻墙的时候,一个新的体育墙国自然崛起)

Scale the wall.jpg