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qiángguó 墙国

Xi Jinping's hope for wall nationhood. (Source: @democracy8964)

Reference to the Great Firewall; visual pun on "mighty nation" (qiángguó 强国).

There is much talk in China about rising up after years of foreign aggression to become a "mighty nation." While might conjures power on the global stage, the pun "wall nation" alludes to the Great Firewall, the digital barrier between China and the rest of the world.

"Mighty nation" and "wall nation" are only distinguishable in writing, as the characters "mighty" (qiáng 强) and "wall" (qiáng 墙) are pronounced identically.

Maoyudaodeshijie (@矛与盾的世界): The unternet, the unconnected wall nation. (December 18, 2015)


This puts a potentially different spin on the Cyberspace Administration of China's 2015 anthem to internet sovereignty, "Mighty Internet Nation."

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