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West Korea

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Xī Cháoxiǎn 西朝鲜

“The people of China and North Korea have great power.”

Pejorative term for China, literally “North Korea of the West.” Some netizens have complained about similarities between North Korea and China, such as repressive leaders, a lack of democracy, official corruption, and a fear of the West.

The following question—which has long since been deleted—on China's Quora-like Q&A service Zhihu provides an example:

May I ask, how can a country that claims to be a democracy have hereditary rule? For example, could you discuss North Korea and West Korea? (undated)

请问如何在一个号称民主的国家,把世袭制玩的这么溜?请参考朝鲜和西朝鲜分析一下? [Chinese]

See also Kim Fatty III.