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Your mother forced this on us

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都是你妈逼的 (dōu shì nǐ mā bī de): your mother forced this on us

This phrase comes from a joke that went viral on the internet. The joke involves two people, a man and a woman, rehearsing for a play.

Woman: It seems that the matter of our marriage has been forced upon us by your mother.
Man: Ha, the way I see it, it was your mother that forced it on us.
Woman: Your mother forced this on us, your mother forced this on us. It was your mother that forced this on us! (In Chinese this sounds like, "your mother's cunt, your mother's cunt")
Man: Mother-f**ker! I’m not rehearsing any more! Which idiot wrote these lines?

The joke has a political variant:

Hu Zheteng (Hu Jintao): Oh Party, you are my dear mother!
Foreign exchange student passing by: The Party is your mother?
Hu Zheteng: That’s right. What about it?
Foreign exchange student: I hear that Google is going to pull out of China. Did your mother force them to do this? (Sounds like, "your mother's cunt.")
胡折腾: 党啊,亲爱的妈妈!

The phrase has also been used when people feel unable to comment on something politically sensitive. They will say 妈逼的; mother (i.e., the Party) forced this on me (i.e., forced me to refrain from commenting).