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“CCAV: Against pornography, violence and vulgarity.”
“CCAV: On site and providing you with all the gossip.”
CCTV program on anti-pornography efforts.
Completed in May 2012, the new CCTV headquarters is as known as the Big Boxer Shorts.
A netizen points out an intriguing gaff.
The CCTV tower, a.k.a. the Big Boxer Shorts under construction.
Derogatory nickname for CCTV (China Central Television), the state-run national network. “AV” is Chinese slang for “adult video,” i.e. pornographic film.

CCAV became a popular term when CCTV’s evening news broadcast a piece about the need to crack down on adult videos. The term is often used to describe CCTV when the media organization's actions seem particularly hypocritical.

CCTV is often a target of netizen mockery. Han Han, China’s most popular blogger, took aim when the new CCTV headquarters, still under construction, caught fire in early 2009.

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