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喝茶 (hē chá): drink tea

New character combining “tea” (茶) with “interrogate” (查).
Euphemism for police interrogation. When invited to “tea,” one is asked about his/her political activities and warned against further involvement. One who has been compelled to attend these tea sessions is said to have been “tea-drinked.”

Read about the experiences of the tea-drinked who had things to say around the time of the 2010 World Expo, the anniversary of Tiananmen, and the Jasmine Revolution.

Uncle Policeman’s tea party.

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8 July 2014, by josh rudolph

Xu Youyu on Defiance in Sensitive Times

12 May 2014, by Samuel Wade

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17 November 2013, by Sophie Beach

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22 March 2013, by Sophie Beach

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29 January 2013, by Samuel Wade

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