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Guard in military coat

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Screenshot from the CNN video of the visit.
Guard in military coat inserted into press conference on the Wenzhou train accident.
Guard in military coat inserted into Wukan uprising.

军大衣 (jūn dàyī): guard in military coat

After “Dark Knight” actor Christian Bale attempted to visit activist Chen Guangcheng on December 15, 2011, one of the security guards who blocked and attacked Bale became a popular Internet meme in China. A screenshot from amateur footage of the attempted visit showed the guard standing in a comic book villain-style pose and wearing a green military-style coat. The image circulated widely online, leading Chinese netizens to name the incident the “Great Battle Between Batman and the Guard in the Military Coat” (蝙蝠侠大战军大衣 biānfúxiá dàzhàn jūn dàyī), and a new meme was born.

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