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Ridged carp-barbel

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鲤冈鲃 (lǐgāngbā): ridged carp-barbel
The ridged carp-barbel.

This 2010 addition to China’s is based on the

The phrase, “Li Gang's father” (李刚爸 Lǐ Gāng bà)) sounds similar to “ridged carp-barbel” (鲤冈鲃 lǐgāngbā), a fictional fish added to the pantheon of mythical creatures in 2010. According to a mock encyclopedia article [zh], the ridged carp-barbel is aggressive and enjoys ramming things with its blunt face, referencing the “my father is Li Gang” incident in which an elite teenager committed a hit-and-run while intoxicated. This creature is said to be a near relative of the horse of deception.

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