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神奇的国度 (shénqí de guódù): mystical country

In the “mystical country,” government officials can absorb all the information at meetings while asleep.
A woman begs in front of banner that reads, “Information on the newest welfare programs for the elderly.”

A netizen reference to China. 神奇 (shénqí) can mean “mystical,” “marvelous,” “mysterious,” “magical,” or “miraculous.” It describes something that seems to defy the laws of nature.

Remarking on egregiously illogical or ironic situations, netizens often explain that China must be a mystical country. Some examples from a BBS forum [zh]:

We truly live in a mystical country; we can own our houses but the land upon which they sit forever belongs to the state!
这是一个神奇的国度! 该国房子可以是自己的,但土地永远是国家的!
Such a mystical country... This country is poor but also generous, always willing to pour vast sums into Africa.
Such a mystical country... Pornographic publications are illegal, but sex shops are everywhere.

Netizens have also given China other sarcastic nicknames, including the Celestial Empire.

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