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Dongguan prostitution bust

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Going to Dongguan. A “chicken” is a prostitute. (Siling Ben 司令本)

In February, soon after CCTV aired an exposé on prostitution in China’s “sex capital,” authorities in the southern city of Dongguan arrested 67 prostitutes and shut down 12 entertainment venues doubling as brothels. CCTV elicited less shock than criticism. The undercover journalists did not examine the circumstances that make sex work an attractive career choice, nor the potentially exploitative treatment of prostitutes. With a stream of sex scandals involving government officials in the past few years, the reporters and police seem to be punishing those at the bottom of a very long food chain.

Rights defense lawyer Teng Biao quipped about the raid on Twitter:

tengbiao: RT: “Phoenix MicroNews”: Premier Li conducted an inspection in Guangdong and discovered that H7N9 is spreading, so he ordered the Ministry of Agriculture to deal kill all of Guangdong’s chickens. But who would have guessed that the message would be sent to the Public Security Department! (February 12, 2014)

转:《凤凰微闻》:李总理到广东考察时发现H7N9有漫延趋势,便立既下令农业部把广东鸡统统处理,可谁知阴差阳错把通知错发公安部。 [Source]

Others commented on Weibo:

麦克老爹: This is an attack from the Northern Capital of Sex on the Southern Capital of Sex, a crusade of the Power Capital of Sex against the Market Capital of Sex. (February 14, 2014)


                                        *                                        *                                        *

天秤德庸: They said they planned to hunt for tigers, and everybody just waited and waited. Then, finally, they took action. The Imperial Security Bureau went straight to Dongguan, and everyone was puzzled. Today I went to a temple to seek the guidance of a master, but the abbot himself could not resolve my confusion. Then, an old monk smiled leisurely and said, “Just as this old monk said long ago: women are tigers, amen, amen.” Such sobering wisdom, such supreme understanding… (February 23, 2014)

听说要打老虎,大家等啊等啊。终于下手了,六扇门高手直扑东莞,大家均不解。今日到一寺庙寻高人,方丈也不甚解惑,一老僧微笑悠然说道:“老衲早就说过了,女人是老虎嘛,善哉,善哉”。醍醐灌顶啊,悟性第一。 [Source]


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