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Fart people suffer system's mistakes

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tǐ kuī pì sī 体亏屁思

Short for "It's all the system's fault, but the fart people are the ones who suffer; I can't help but obsess over this" (dōu shì tǐzhì de cuò, chīkuī de shì pìmín, wǒ bùjīn xiànrù le chénsī 都是体制的错,吃亏的是屁民,我不禁陷入了沉思). Often used alongside the abbreviated phrase society's sickness, my medicine.

The "system" in this case can refer to the government, institutions, or society—any large system whose flaws create inequality or injustice.

Wusiyingnianbabaxiluopu (@吾思英年巴巴西洛普): Lately there's been a bit more of "fart people suffering the system's mistakes." I'm afraid that middle-aged folks, faced with a status quo they can't stand, will come to realize they are powerless to change or choose it, and that they'll become Mao fans, or... Aiya, the little birds outside are singing so happily. (May 5, 2016)


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