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Free from turmoil

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bù zhēteng 不折腾

"Immovable, non-complacent, free from turmoil." (Source unknown)

One of Hu Jintao’s signature phrases, speaking to his efforts promoting harmony and social stability, which included the suppression of opinions not consistent with the government line.This phrase originates from a northeastern dialect of Mandarin and was made popular by Hu Jintao in a January 2009 speech:

As long as we remain immovable, as long as we do not become complacent, as long as we are free from turmoil and steadfastly push forward reforms, and steadfastly follow the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics—then we will certainly realize this great blueprint and win this grand struggle.


Some netizens criticize Hu Jintao for only knowing how to be free of turmoil.


Shageqidexiaokule1 (@傻哥气得笑哭了1) : Why do I hate "Hu [Jintao and] Wen [Jiabao]?" Let's start with "Hu." If you don’t have a diamond drill then don’t work on porcelain. Why don’t you resign if you don’t have what it takes to do the job? Since you refuse to resign, then "do what you are supposed to do in the position that you are in!" You only know how to be "free from turmoil." Isn’t this holding onto a post without doing the work and not letting anyone else take over? As the top official, are you only going to get the credit but not take responsibility? Now let’s talk about "Wen." Your entire family became rich overnight since you came to power. Yet, you are not ashamed of saying that you have "never acted in your personal interest!" When you hurt decent people, you say, "that’s clearly impossible!" Typical scumbags! (August 1, 2014)

为啥俺恨 "虎纹"?先说"虎",没有金刚钻别揽瓷器活,你没这个能力为啥不辞职?既然不辞职,那就"在其位谋其政"!你只会"不折腾",这是不是占着茅坑不拉屎?当一把手难道只贪功不担责吗?再说"纹",自你掌权后你全家暴富,你居然有脸说"从未谋私利"!陷害忠良你居然说"办铁案"!标准人渣! [Chinese]