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Fang "always wet"

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方老湿 (fāng lǎo shī): Fang "always wet"

This sounds the same in Chinese as “Teacher Fang” and refers to Fang Binxing 方滨兴, who is credited with being the father of the Great Firewall of China. Fang Binxing is the Principal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

Recently Fang established a Sina microblog account. Upon learning this, netizens flooded his account with chides and insults. A desperate battle ensued with the Sina administrators (or perhaps Fang himself) frantically deleting the negative comments. About three hours later Fang’s microblog was shut down. For examples of comments posted by netizens, see here.

Fang Binxing

Fang as voodoo doll. A partial translation of the text on the right is:

Loves to block, loves to censor

loves to river crab

loves to filter

I'm not a principal, I'm not a brickspert

I am Fang Binxing, father of the GFW

I'm not like other people, I'm more like a dog

If you want to F*** me, you'd better use Tor [web anonymity software]