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[[File:BaoTong.jpg|300px|thumb|right|''Bao Tong at home''. (Source: [Wikipedia/Renee Chiang鲍彤#/media/File:Chinese_ex-official_Bao_Tong_at_home.jpg])'']]
[[File:BaoTong.jpg|300px|thumb|right|''Bao Tong at home''. (Source: [鲍彤#/media/File:Chinese_ex-official_Bao_Tong_at_home.jpg Wikipedia/Renee Chiang])'']]
===Bao Tong at CDT===
===Bao Tong at CDT===

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Bao Tong at home. (Source: Wikipedia/Renee Chiang)

Bao Tong at CDT

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