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Correct collective memory

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zhèngquè jítǐ jìyì 正确集体记忆

Setting the "correct collective memory" on COVID-19 (Source: Weibo)

The record of history approved (or created) by the Chinese party-state. On June 8, 2020, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying was questioned in her regular press briefing about a recent State Council Information Office white paper that provided a glowing account of Beijing’s coronavirus response that also defended against criticism of its opacity and misinformation. Hua replied, "China issued the white paper not to defend itself, but to keep a record. The history of the combat against the pandemic should not be tainted by lies and misleading information; it should be recorded with the correct collective memory of all mankind." The official Ministry of Foreign Affairs Weibo account also shared her answer. Netizens have questioned the meaning of "correct collective memory," recalling Beijing's track record of lies and misinformation, which MOFA sometimes spreads to the world:

@海怪先生遛犀牛: On January 3, you were still admonishing Dr. Li. So, why was December 27 reported [in the white paper] as the time it was given high-priority?

@Cherubear: I want to know, what correct memories are left with the families of those patients who died before they could get into a hospital?

@Tin_Oxide: Whatever the case, I’ve set up a folder to store a whole bunch of incorrect memories. [Source]

The CDT June 2020 Censorship Digest gathers analysis of the "correct collective memory" phenomenon and its connection to Beijing's "positive energy" push.