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Even the destruction is a blessing

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纵做鬼,也幸福 (zòng zuò guǐ, yě xìng fú): Even the destruction is a blessing

This is a famously bad line from a poem written by Wang Zhaoshan, chairman of the Shandong Writer’s Association, to honor those injured and killed in the May 2008 Sichuan Earthquake.

Wang’s poem was criticized as being insensitive to the earthquake survivors and unabashedly intended to curry favor with his Party superiors. The poem led to one member of the Shandong Writer’s Association, Li Zhongqing (李鐘琴), to withdraw from the Association in protest.

The following is a rough translation of the poem:

A Personal Account From the Wasteland

--An earthquake survivor in the midst of the wasteland thinks about all that has transpired since the earthquake and gradually has this feeling of gratitude----

Spared from dying in the disaster, what complaint can I harbor?

The Chairman beckons, the Premier calls.

The Party dearly loves the country; its voice enters the wasteland.

1.3 billion people weep together.

Even the destruction is a blessing.

Military cars arrive like silver eagles.

On the left, the military is our uncle.

On the right, the police is our aunt.

I just hope that before seeing the grave I can see a screen.

Watching the Olympics, I will call out with joy.











  • 只盼*坟前有屏幕,


Netizen created this image which juxtaposes Wang's poem with images of body bags.