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hǎo wǔ bèi 好五倍

Sha Zukang: “China's human rights are the best.” (source unknown)

Phrase from an illogical argument that Sha Zukang, former Chinese ambassador to the United Nations, made to the press in April of 2004 in defense of China's human rights records:

I have openly remarked that the human rights situation in China today is better than that in the United States. The population of China is five times larger than the population of the U.S. If you look at it just in terms of comparing the populations, one would expect China's problems to be at least five times greater than those of the U.S. in order for our human rights situations to be the same. But the reality is that our human rights situation is better than that of the U.S.—this shows that China's human rights situation is five times better than that of the U.S... America has highly politicized the concept of human rights to serve the nation's political aims. They have used human rights issues as a tool; this way of doing things goes against the will of the people.


Sha is known for other less-than-diplomatic statements. He caused a stir in September 2010 when he declared his distaste for Americans and U.N. General-Secretary Ban Ki-moon. "I know you never liked me, Mr. Secretary-General," he told Ban. "Well, I never liked you, either."


Renshengyaoshi (@人生药师): The people of South Africa finally have a Party school—at last have human rights that are five times better than America's. Mandela can rest in peace. (August 5, 2014)

南非人民终于有了党校,终于有了比美国好五倍的人权,曼德拉终于可以冥目了。 [Chinese]

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