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Frisbee Hu

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Fēipán Hú 飞盘胡

After Kim Jong-un allegedly had his uncle and political enemy Jang Sung-taek executed by machine gun, Hu Xijin said on his Weibo that the incident made "the world feel uneasy." (Artist: Rebel Pepper 变态辣椒 )

Nickname for Hu Xijin, chief editor of the state-run newspaper Global Times.

Hu is renowned for taking a positive spin on whatever facts the government throws at him. For example, amid the fallout of the Bo Xilai scandal, Hu issued an editorial titled “Bo’s Case Shows Resilience of Rule of Law.” Netizens were scornful of the attempt to find a silver lining in the scandal, wondering why, if the rule of law was so resilient in China, Bo was not questioned earlier for a pattern of alleged misconduct that stretched over decades.

YunzeVictoria (@云泽Victoria): Netizens have summarized four characteristics of People's Daily, Global Times, CCAV, as well as cynics like Hu Xijin and Mei Ninghua. 1. China has problems but has a promising future too. You all should endure it. 2. People outside our borders are all enemies. You all should be careful about that. 3. The Party and the state are kind. You all should be thankful. 4. The Celestial Empire plays its diplomatic card very well. You all should learn from it. To sum it up: as for domestic affairs, they catch the frisbee; as for foreign affairs, they bark all the time; and altogether, they bully others based on their master's power. (April 3, 2014)

【网友总结人日、坏球、CCAV及胡锡进梅宁华等犬儒们的4个特点】 1、中国有问题但有前途,你们忍着点。 2、境外都是敌人,你们注意点。 3、党和国家是善良的,你们感恩点。 4、天朝对外战略是手段高超的,你们学着点。 总结:对内,接飞盘;对外,多犬吠;合着,仗人势。[Chinese]