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Get soy sauce

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dǎ jiàngyóu 打酱油

Screenshot from the interview that started the meme. (Source: GZTV)
Soy sauce leads the people. (source unknown)

None of my business. Conveys the sense of spectating or reserving comment.

In 2008, the Guangzhou Broadcasting Network (GZTV) interviewed a local man about the Edison Chen photo scandal. The man answered, "What the fuck does it have to do with me? I was just out buying soy sauce." The response became a meme, applicable to any context, such as to express one's lack of interest in the World Cup:

Lulu318 (@璐璐318): The World Cup has started. Many people are immensely excited. I am just here to get soy sauce. (June 12, 2014)


Dǎ 打 means "hit" or "get." Before soy sauce was sold in individual bottles, customers would bring an empty vessel to the store, which they would fill with soy sauce from a spigot.

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