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"Goddess," an allegory about the Goddess of Democracy built by pro-democracy protesters in 1989, is on Li Zhi's 2011 album "F."

I have a friend She’s 21 Who always wears a white windbreaker She lives behind a box Where there hangs a photo The people in the photo are inside the box Each morning, a red diaper rises from a phallus So she can’t see the people’s faces on the tombstones

This friend of mine, she says she’s a treasure Why did Daddy leave her here? He says he’ll come back He says he’s waiting The blue ocean is quiet and distant She stays barely alive on the past’s fresh blood Waiting’s only brought a hunting dog in makeup

A house sits to the west The spring brings applause The shameless adults disgust her A house sits to the east The autumn brings laughter The ignorant children disgust her, too She’s in the corner, forgotten by the rich Her clothes dirtied by the flowing colors of time

I have a friend Sometimes I go see her She never sees the color of the sky

This photo under the sky Like the paper I use I love it, I hate it, I feel sorry for it

Spectacular two-faced world uniting all living things

Another dizzy spell and the blood on the ground will disappear

The world is changing My fucking ideals still can’t come true

The world is changing My fucking ideals still can’t come true