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Green Dam Girl

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绿坝娘 (lǜ bà niáng): Green Dam Girl

Green Dam Girl is an anthropomorphism of the Green Dam Youth Escort software (绿坝·花季护航) that was developed under the direction of the Chinese government to filter internet content on individual computers. Pre-installation of Green Dam software was originally intended for all new computers; however, because the proposed policy proved deeply unpopular, mandatory pre-installation has been delayed to an undetermined date.

Green Dam girl first appeared sporadically in June 2009 on Baidu’s online encyclopedia, repeatedly being deleted by the website’s watered weasel ape. By the beginning of July 2009, various images and videos of Green Dam girl had spread widely on the internet.

As in most images of Green Dam Girl, she appears dressed in green, wearing a river crab hat, holding a rabbit (the Green Dam mascot), and armed with paint to wipe out online filth. She also commonly wears an armband with the word "discipline" (风纪) written on it.
Here, Green Dam Girl (dressed in green, wearing river crab hat and "discipline" armband) is pulling out the underwear from XP girl.