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Kim Fatty III

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金三胖 (Jīn Sān Pàng): Kim Fatty III

When Kim Jung-un to inherited the position of Supreme Leader of North Korea after his father's death, China's state media expressed deep condolences at the elder's death as Chinese netizens immediately began lampooning the chubby young new leader. China is one of North Korea's only allies, and over the years the Chinese public has grown increasingly uneasy over the diplomatic relationship.

Chinese netizens frequently poke fun at Kim Jung-un's regality, lack of merit, and rotund stature, and a common nickname for the Supreme Leader has become “Kim Fatty III”.

After The Onion elected Kim Jung-un the sexiest man of 2012, People's Daily summarized the article, apparently unaware of the U.S. paper's satirical mandate, much to the amusement of China's web-users.

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