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Lao Lishi

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Láo Lìshī 劳丽诗

Lao Lishi won gold and silver in diving at the 2004 Athens Olympics (Sina Sports)

Lao Lishi (b. Dec. 12, 1987) is an Olympic diver and outspoken social media user. In July 2020, her Weibo account was suspended for one year.

Lao Lishi was part of China's Olympic diving team at the 2004 summer games in Athens, Greece. She won silver in the 10-meter women's platform, and gold in the women's 10-meter synchronized platform with Li Ting. //sentence about press//

///YouTube account in Lao's name (劳丽诗) was created on July 20, 2020. /// YT About: 劳丽诗 跳水奥运冠军。 我本善良,遇蛆则刚! 不能让自己热爱的土地成为无脊椎动物的乐园,今日不行,以后也绝不行

Joined July 20, 2020

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