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Lao Lishi

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Láo Lìshī 劳丽诗

Lao Lishi won gold and silver in diving at the 2004 Athens Olympics (Sina Sports)

Lao Lishi (b. Dec. 12, 1987) is a former Olympic diver. In July 2020, her Weibo account was suspended for one year.

Lao Lishi was part of China's Olympic diving team at the 2004 summer games in Athens, Greece. She won silver in the 10-meter women's platform, and gold in the women's 10-meter synchronized platform with Li Ting. She continued diving until 2010, when she retired and turned to other pursuits. In September 2014, Lao rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange for Alibaba's Wall Street IPO.[1]

In May 2020, Lao reposted a Weibo post by Fang Fang, the author of a widely-read Wuhan lockdown diary who was turned on by nationalist "little pinks" when the news spread that a translation of her account would be translated in the U.S. The post included a link to a Xinhua story about the death of Liang Xiaoxi, a front-line nurse during the COVID-19 outbreak; Fang Fang added only words of condolence, while Lao Lishi did not add her own commentary. Nevertheless, the little pinks pounced on Lao. Lao pushed right back:

I've gotten all kinds of flak for reposting one Weibo post: I've been told that I'm poorly educated, that I have water on the brain, that I don't know right from wrong, that I'm conniving, that I have no conscience. Ha ha ha! Suddenly I feel so happy, because I haven't lived up to your model. The type you like would dive from ten meters straight into an empty pool. (Source)

/////作为一个中华人民共和国的公民,生在此,长在此,我爱我的祖国,希望他变得越来越好,经济繁荣昌盛,任性文明光辉,民众亲善友好。这有错吗?我觉得没错,错的是一群网络无脊椎动物横行,到处欺负老实人、欺负善良人,动辄以“不喜欢你可以滚出中国”这样弱智一样的言论攻击别人,请记住,没有任何人有义务吧自己热爱的土地让给无脊椎动,让其成为无脊椎动物的乐园,今日不行,以后也绝不行。我本善人,遇蛆则刚!❤️ ///DATE///

On July 15, 2020, Lao's Weibo account was suspended from posting for 365 days due to "violation of relevant national laws and regulations." She reacted with the same determination as she had to her detractors:

I don't understand why, but I'll share it anyway to let everyone know

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