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Lead the Way Party

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Dàilù Dǎng 带路党

To lead the way is glorious. (artist unknown)

Group that would guide an invading army in the takeover of China; traitor. Often used sarcastically.

The U.S. and South Korea held large-scale joint military exercises in 2010, after North Korea torpedoed a South Korean warship. Then Sectary of State Hillary Clinton called on China to help "to make a persuasive case for North Korea to change direction." As the aircraft carrier U.S.S. George Washington entered the Yellow Sea, Chinese netizens joked that they would "lead the way" for the U.S. army if they invaded China.

Self-described members of the "Lead the Way Party" are also critics of China's social and political problems. "Why are so many Chinese climbing over each other to join the 'Lead the Way Party'?" asked a Zhihu user, starting a contentious thread. "China's standard of living has gotten markedly better, yet they complain about all of China's ills." User Yefeng (@野风) replied, "In the quiet Valley of Ignorance, people live happily."

Beijudebianchenglexia (@杯具的变成了虾): The articles whitewashing Baidu's reputation haven't said it outright: criticize Baidu = traitorous Lead the Way Party... It's just scary... (May 5, 2016)

现在给百度洗白的文章就差直接写:指责百度=汉奸带路党了... 简直可怕... [Chinese]

See also patriotraitor.

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