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Lei Zhengfu

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雷政富 (Léi Zhèngfù): Lei Zhengfu


The next scandal to hit Chongqing after the purging of Bo Xilai involved Lei Zhengfu, a district party secretary.

Secretary Lei was fired after a secretly-filmed sex tape showing him and a young woman went viral, and his plump, bug-eyed face became the butt of numerous Internet caricatures.

The sex tape, released by a whistle-blowing blogger, uncovered an extortion ring and ultimately led to the downfall of 11 Chongqing officials. The woman in the video was apparently hired by a local real-estate developer to blackmail Lei into doling out valuable plots of land.

In June of 2013, Lei, known by then as the “sex tape official” (不雅视频官员 bùyǎ shìpín guānyuán), was sentenced to 13 years in jail for bribery.

The Communist Party has been trying to rebuild its image after a series of sex scandals.