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My dad is Li Gang

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我爸爸是李刚 (wǒ bàba shì Lǐ Gāng): my father is Li Gang

The road sign reads, “Friends, slow down a bit—your father is not Li Gang”
My father is Li Gang.

This phrase became a massively popular and socially critical catchphrase following a tragic car accident that killed Chen Xiaofeng, a college girl in Hebei in October of 2010. Chen had been in-line skating with a friend when they were both struck by a speeding car driven by intoxicated 22-year-old Li Qiming. The driver attempted to flee but was intercepted by security guards. Undeterred he yelled, “Sue me if you dare, my father is Li Gang!” and gave birth to one of China's most popular Internet catchphrases to date. Li Gang is the deputy police chief in the Beishi district of Baoding, Hebei province; his son's supposed immunity is an example of how the behavior of the governing second generation can lead to popular outrage.

After Chen's death a Chinese blogger known as Piggy Feet Beta began a contest inviting entrants to incorporate the phrase “my father is Li Gang” into classical Chinese poetry. The contest received over 6,000 entries and helped propel the phrase to memedom.

In January of 2011, Li Qiming was sentenced to 6 years in prison.

More information about this incident is available from Global Voices and Wikipedia.

Chen’s death and the ensuing social outcry is very similar to the 70 KPH incident. See also compare fathers and despise one’s father for not being Li Gang.

George Bush: “Give me more food! My dad is Li Gang!” John Howard: “Dammit! Why the hell couldn't my father be Li Gang?”
Mock advertisement for a “government official father.” Includes a number of references to Internet jokes that end with the punchline: “my father is Li Gang.”
My father is Li Gang! (
“My father is Li Gang.” The car is supporting five buildings, the number of homes alleged to be owned by Li Gang.

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