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国家罗汉 (guó jiā luó hàn) the nation’s arhat / the nation's gangster:

In Buddhism, an arhat is one who has achieved nirvana and escaped the cycle of birth and rebirth. However, arhat, has an additional meaning in the Jiangxi dialect where it means “gangster.” The phrase, “the nation’s arhat” (ie., the nation’s gangster) comes from a labor dispute that occurred July 2008 in Fuzhou (抚州), Jiangxi. Lu Tao, an employee of the local court along with the foreman visited the construction site. In broad daylight they started beating a worker. The police arrived and tried to stop the violence. However, Lu Tao was not to be so easily deterred. As he was beating a worker he shouted, “I am from the court! I am the nation’s gangster!”

This event gave birth to the phrase, “the nation’s arhat/gangster.” The phrase can be used in the following ways:

(noun): A government employee who uses violence to intimidate people

(adjective): brutal and unreasonable

(verb): “take care of” as in, “If you don’t straighten up then I’ll ‘nation’s gangster’ you.”


因工程纠纷,江西省抚州市临川区人民法院职工芦涛在上班期间和一名包工头跑到工地上,公然对一位男子实施殴打,导致该男子受伤住院。当日在公安机关介入处 理后,其与同伙还纠集一伙社会青年,乘着八辆的士车来现场意欲再次行凶;所幸的是,其行为被公安人员及时阻止。芦涛打人时还大声叫嚣道:“我是法院的,我 代表国家罗汉,花100万弄死你这个农民!





代名词。例句: 关门,放“国家罗汉”!