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Pray for jade

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qí cuì 祈翠

#dailyprayerforjade Please please please (Source: Weibo via CDT Chinese)

Coded wish for Xi Jinping's demise, appearing in February 2020 after he claimed to be "personally" directing the effort to fight COVID-19. Netizens intend the character cuì 翠, meaning jade or jade-like color, to be read component by component: Xi's surname (习), repeated, and the archaic "die" ( 卒). Some riffed on this by writing Chairman Xi (Xí Zhǔxí 习主席) as Xí zú Xí 习卒习 (i.e. "die Xi die"). CDT Chinese has a collection of posts tagged in the Weibo "super topic" #dailyprayerforjade (#每日祈翠超话#).