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==Art and Music==
==Art and Music==
[[File:Golo-coronavirus2.jpg|thumb|center|650px|''(golo 高佬 via [ 88 Bar])'']]

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Jìniàn Lǐ Wénliàng | 纪念李文亮

China's Wailing Wall

Art and Music

(golo 高佬 via 88 Bar)



Farewell message to Dr. Li Wenliang written in the snow in Beijing,[1] February 2020 ("¡Hasta siempre! Farewell Li Wenliang! Homenaje al Dr. Li Wenliang que alertó del CoronaVirus" by Mikel Agirregabiria Agirre is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)
  • On Clubhouse, users set up a silent room to commemorate Dr. Li Wenliang around the date of the first anniversary of his death.[2]